Thoughts on God

Miracle Money

Since Pastor Bill told us the testimony about the student who literally had $100 bills fall out of the sky/manifest in bushes, I’ve been secretly exercising my faith by making extra sure Benjamin isn’t hiding out in bushes as I pass. While walking to my mailbox, it’s double duty: bushes AND “checks in the mail”.

But today, as I whispered a lil prayer for miraculous manifestation of finances, I was startled – Papa responded with, “Have you found miracle money yet?” To which I replied, “No, I haven’t…” And He said, “Well that must mean you don’t need it!”


He continued, “When are you going to let go and trust that I have you and all your concerns firmly in hand? Have I ever failed you? Have I not always provided? And isn’t it usually pretty darn miraculous in and of itself when I do? My love, please stop wishing for someone else’s miracles and just rest in the unique ways I provide for you so you don’t need them in the first place…”

Boom. If God had a mic, He’d have dropped it.


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