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I’m Giving Up Candy (Crush) for Lent

Crushed by Candy

“Satisfy me in your SWEETNESS
and my song of joy will return.
The places within me you have CRUSHED
will rejoice in your healing touch.”
Psalm 51:8 (The Passion Translation)

This verse was from today’s passage in Passion Translation’s Lent Devo(tional), which I find to be completely hilarious considering I semi-jokingly announced on Facebook that I’d given up Candy (Crush) for Lent. Turns out, this was truly a prophetic act: Jehovah Sneaky strikes again.

I do not often succumb to the allure of the video game anymore after kicking my WoW habit (6 years non-druid blood elf). Against my better judgement, my relapse hit last week when an abrupt breaking of an incredibly meaningful relationship brought on a massive wave of grief. Knowing full well Papa wanted me to engage with Him instead, I obsessively crushed thousands of lines of candy rather than feel the crushing happening in my chest. I knew I had a problem, but while the source of pain was beyond my control, having full reign over the placement of all the little candy pieces gave me some semblance of restored order. I know: I’m totally lame.

When I woke up this morning with “the lines have fallen to me in pleasant places” (Psalms 16:6) and an image of candy crush in my head, I knew God was officially like, “Alright, Linds… enough’s enough. I’ve allowed a little binge, but you know full well the only way your ‘song of joy’ will return is by MY ‘healing touch’; time for you to acknowledge the real lines of treasures that I have aligned in your life. I love you too much to allow you to trade the artificial for reality anymore.” I rolled over, uninstalled the app, made it Facebook-official, then stumbled upon a verse of confirmation. Of course.

Sure, ya’ll might think it’s a stretch, but I think it’s hilarious because Papa’s always finding unique ways to communicate in any means necessary. When He says to pray constantly, He means it. Luckily, He has a great sense of humor and loves to play. Lately, He’s been teaching me that everything (see: EVERYTHING) is prophetic/significant, that nothing is a coincidence or accident or arbitrary. And I guess if Candy Crush is prophetic, I’m now thoroughly entertained and convinced.


One thought on “I’m Giving Up Candy (Crush) for Lent

  1. Frances Anderson says:

    You certainly have a way with words! A delightful read! (All the better for me that it is on the shorter side…):)..and I could read it normally without all the funny spacing, extra letters, etc. When are you coming down for a visit? Ay has been visiting Redding a fair amount lately and told me about ‘The Stirring’ he’s attended a time or two with the family (daughter of) he visits up there. I was happy to see Chrissy and Nate made their support and are heading off to Cairo soon! Good for them hanging in there through the struggle! I saw that the launch of Parallel Bible is almost here! You’ll have to explain it to me sometime. This oldster doesn’t quite get it. Anyway, hope to see you sometime. Love ya, Fran


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