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Holy Moment

There haven’t been many times I’ve been moved to fall on the ground, weeping…for joy. Sorrow, certainly. This was different.

I was on my way out the door when the long-awaited email came into my inbox containing the link to one of the final versions of the Parallel Bible promotional video: the one that shows the world what is being birthed. I hadn’t seen any of the other versions, so I have been really excited for this.

A Presence came over me so heavily that I literally started weeping, hit the floor, and began thanking God for allowing me to be a part of bringing this amazing gift to life. I’m still in wonder as to how I even found myself on this team, and I can’t believe this is to be my career, especially since I thought I’d never actually have one. I’ve been wandering yet following a golden thread of His choosing for years now, walking through the desert, around mountains, into valleys, and back again. This past year, especially, has been full of blessings, disappointments, and waiting. So much waiting, without really an idea of what He was doing, but fully aware He was doing something very big and very deep. After being unemployed (yet overly employable) for 11 months of last year, He staved off all the lesser opportunities of time-fillers and less-than-heart inspiring proportions so that I would be free to jump when the time came. And it came suddenly, unexpectedly, and it still doesn’t fully make sense to me other than I said “yes” to a series of Divine appointments without knowing where it was all leading. Suddenly, all those seemingly random jobs, skills, dreams, and endeavors, they all make sense as each left me with a piece of the puzzle I’d need to be prepared for this. And now, I can’t imagine any other thing I’d rather be doing with my life than what He’s bringing about through Parallel – I seriously can’t wait to finally be able to show you all what we’ve been up to!

But man! He’s so so good to us, isn’t He? Such a good, good Father. He knows the perfect fit for our hearts, and He won’t relent until His best is brought forth in our lives. Praise Him!!


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