Set the Record Straight and the Women Free

Absolutely everyone needs to hear this.

When I sat through it on Sunday, a little piece of my heart came back to life.

Women in the church are NOT to remain silent, we are instructed to prophesy and teach (yes, IN THE CHURCH..even to men *gasp*), and we were never relegated to children’s ministry. I went to a church in liberal capital of the US, San Francisco, for two years that still taught that women couldn’t be pastors or hold board positions; these beliefs caused great strain on my relationship with my ex-fiancee who genuinely believed I could never be a pastor or that God wasn’t calling me to preach internationally because I was a woman. Now, hear me: I’m not slamming that church – they love Jesus and are doing great things in SF! I’m only saying that doctrine always rubbed me the wrong way, is misguided, and is causing people pain. I continue to pray, as I did then, that they find truth and freedom in this area so they can continue to grow and thrive and change the face of SF forever!

But for right now, it’s time to set the record straight and the women free to be all God intended us to be!

Watch “The Theology of Empowering Women, Pt. 1” by Kris Vallotton (Bethel Church, Redding): HERE!


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