God Doesn’t Answer Prayers… At Least Not Mine

The ambulance screams past. There’s that feeling in my gut again. “Pray for them, right now,” it says.

But then the voice of “reason” chimes in. That one that swoops in with anxiety and accusation and laziness. “You don’t even know them,” it says. “It was probably nothing, and if it is, surely someone who knows them will be praying. They’d actually have the authority to, really, since they actually are involved. I mean, what’s my one little whispered plea gonna mean in the grand scheme? I don’t even know what I’m praying for, specifically.”

The more I sit with this, I find that I believe a lot of lies about prayer. Maybe a few might be permeating into your psyche as well:

“I’m not in the right mind to pray right now.”
“If I pray right now, I won’t say the right thing.”
“I don’t have time to pray through that – I’ll have to set aside a special chunk of time or I might get lost in this.”
“I feel like I should pray, but it probably won’t really matter anyhow.”
“Wow.. what a bummer. I’ll pray for them…later.”
“I’ll pray for you!”
“Someone else is probably covering it, so it’s ok if I skip.”

“God totally answers prayer…just not MINE.”

Even worse: “It’s better if someone else prays for it because if I do, I’ll probably block their blessing/healing..”

Yesterday as I was pulling up to the house and reaching to turn down the radio, I suddenly felt the urge to pick up my phone, start recording, and turn up the K-Love (I didn’t, kinda like when I feel the urge to pray and then don’t). A man started talking about how his wife was struggling with prayer – why pray? Does God really answer prayer? Do my prayers really make a difference…like, REALLY? Well his story gave me chills and left me kicking myself for not taking the Spirit’s prompting to record.

Teaser (and spoiler) – His wife was driving down the highway and came upon an accident. She decided she’d just say a prayer on the off chance it would matter, and continued driving. After some time passed, they had a knock on their door – it was the woman in the car accident. She said the last thing she remembered before dying (yes, DYING) in that accident was seeing the wife’s van driving by with a huge bright pillar of light beaming skyward.

Boom. Life. Amazing.

Luckily, I found it on the K-Love blog! Take a listen HERE

I also stumbled upon this blog post by Erin Davis on Lies Young Women Believe that gives a good Biblical look at “at least eight specific reasons why our connection to God gets blocked.”

I don’t know about you, but I need a daily, perhaps hourly, dose of testimony to keep me kickin’ and believing that He really (REALLY) does listen, that I don’t have to be a heavy-hitter like Heidi Baker or Billy Graham for my prayers to literally span the gap between life and death…

…that even the smallest prayer is like a lightning strike.


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