We ARE Them

“For when David had fulfilled God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep.” Acts 13:36

I don’t remember ever hearing/reading this verse before this weekend. But, when I did, it hit me. Hard.

I heard it while sitting in a smaller gathering of “prophetic types” listening to Mr. Phil Cana speak. His message was eye-opening as he was teaching on how different generations have run legs of the proverbial “relay race of ministry” and how that’s manifested in the movements within church culture. He was talking about a spiritual passing of a baton that he felt is happening now – the leaders and teachers of today need to be bringing up the leaders and teachers of tomorrow because simply having a call is not enough; we need spiritual fathers. We who are called are burning out and running ragged with passion because we have started running before our predecessors have passed on their authority/mantle (whatever you want to call it).

It was good stuff, but it was also revelatory in that he’s right – so many of us have taken off running and are burning out because we have outrun our authority. A call is not enough. (If you don’t mind a terrible recording of it, you can listen to this message HERE)

Flash forward to present.

I had coffeeeeelunchwoahwheredidthedaygo just now with a dear friend who just excites me every time we are together. I walked away feeling so alive and energized and renewed in passion, and I wanted to really sit with that energy/feeling and let God have His say about it.

In other words, it was highlighted to me as something to pay attention to, so I did.

While sitting with the feeling, I thought about how inspiring my friend is. This led to me making mental connections to other friends who are inspiring in similar ways. This led to me really realizing how incredible the people God has placed in my life are, and transporting my mind to times in my life when I felt similarly for towards others. I started to think, “Wow, God. Back then, I looked up to these people in my life and just knew they’d change the world. That You’d set them apart for radical, culture-changing purpose, and I wanted to be just like them.”

And then it hit me.

The “they/them” have become my peers. US.

We ARE them.

We ARE the set apart ones being called to live in complete “faceless, living dead” submission to His will and purposes – to lay our lives down in exchange for the baton of the radical, culture-changing purpose being passed to us by those who we have been watching running the race for all these years. That generation has run with reckless abandon the leg God has appointed for them to run.

Now it’s our turn.

We only have a finite time before sleep comes to even the strongest of us. That quiet desperation, that pervasive unsettledness, that wandering, that growing urgency in our gut…that is our wake up call.

Wake up, sleeper.
Rise from the dead end jobs and pursuits and lifestyles.
Will you run?


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