Generate Hope

It was hiding here in plain sight all along, just waiting for me to start looking more locally than globally!! http://www.generatehope.org/whatwedo/

GenerateHope is a trans-denominational Christian organization founded on the Servants Anonymous program model that seeks to provide long-term (up to seven years) comprehensive recovery programs. These programs are designed to guide sexually exploited/trafficked women and youth, or those at identifiable risk of becoming sexually exploited/trafficked, with or without children, between the ages or 13 and 30 into full rehabilitation and reintegration into society. As a part of the Servants Anonymous international community we view the women and children that we work with as Christ does, precious, worthy and unique.

Sexual Trafficking (formerly known as prostitution) is the use of force, fraud or coercion to profit from the exploitation of another human being. It is a social injustice and crime against humanity for anyone to be trafficked or otherwise sexually exploited. Prostitution is never a choice; given other options, no little girl dreams of being prostituted. GenerateHope provides a path out of the abuse of sex trafficking and hope for a new life.


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