Bhitri Sundarta Curriculum

The overall culmination of my summer was the Bhitri Sundarta girls’ empowerment club curriculum we wrote. In the end, it turned out to be an actual book! 23 meetings, complete with lessons, games, activities, arts, etc. All scripted, theorized, you name it. It had to be God, because there is no other way we pulled that off that quickly.
We piloted the club with a group of girls on Sunday afternoons, and we seemed to have great success. The teachers, A and S, liked it so much that they chose to take over and continue the program after we left. At the moment, the curriculum has been revised and sent to the cultural editors for final revisions before being sent to the translators/publishers! There are churches across Nepal, India, and Eastern Europe waiting to give it a go, so please pray that God’s will be unhindered.

To see images from our interactions at the Deborah Center at Bethel Church (the club, afterschool program, etc), click here: http://s884.photobucket.com/albums/ac43/beauty4shes/Nepal 2010/Deborah Center/?albumview=slideshow


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