Mutant Creepy Crawlies

Technically, I am not supposed to be blogging yet as I still have 6 lessons to write by our deadline (Tuesday), but I had to report. The lizards keep coming in, and Alyssa keeps insisting that life stop until they are driven out, so I have honed my skills in that arena. Let’s just say that the mono-pod the Moffetts got me for my bday has become my official “NONE-SHALL-PASS-staff” for herding the lizards towards the balcony door, which, is propped open by a pizza box that can be hit with the staff (thus slamming the door shut) once the lizard successfully exits the room. It is quite the ordeal, especially when said lizard bolts into your dresser via the crack in the wood and you have to take each drawer out. Alyssa is convinced they have “cloaks of invisibility” (yes, Harry Potter reference) since we sat and searched that dresser with lanterns, compact mirrors, and flashlights, and STILL didn’t find him until the second attempt.

But what was SUPER creepy about tonight was the worm on the wall. Ew. Even I was a little disgusted when I realized how serpentine he was. It had the body of a malnourished night crawler and the head of a slug. I smacked it a good three times with my flippy floppy, but it only crushed the top half of it (the head). But here’s where I freaked out: after the other half wriggled around a little, it literally sprouted new antennae/a new slug head on its other end and tried to go about its merry way. Kid you not. I knew worms could survive after being chopped up, but I’ve never actually seen one sprout new feelers in a matter of seconds. I smacked it until it stuck to my shoe, then flushed it down the toilet. BUT, because Alyssa wanted to avoid paranoia that it might crawl back up out of the toilet, I had to take it to the other bathroom that no one uses and flush it there. Such an ordeal lol

I’m still not looking forward to meeting Rochester, the roach that lives under our fridge. I haven’t had the pleasure, yet, but that’s probably because I flip the lights on and don’t look at the floor for a few seconds, giving him time to scatter before I enter the room at night. Lizards can be caught; spiders/worms squish; but roaches never die. I should know, I had a few “roach friends” in my apt in VA. I don’t scream like a little girl, but they certainly unnerve me. The day a rat comes in here, though, I will join Alyssa on the bed or a chair, whichever is closer when I jump from the floor.


One thought on “Mutant Creepy Crawlies

  1. Oh goodness, you are brave. It’s funny how certain animals and insects are freakier than others. I’m fine with most of them, as long as they don’t invade my habitat. If they do, it’s on. Of course with Rochester, I think I would do the same thing – it’s nice to just pretend he doesn’t exist, you know?

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