Young Adults Church

Amrita and Sumuna, the teachers we work with at Deborah Center, invited us to go with them to their Sunday night young adult worship service after Bhitri Sundarta…and it was amazing! I didn’t take footage during the service, but here’s a >>short clip<< beforehand so you can see the awesome ladies I am ministering with…I really love them, and I am so happy they invited us to come. Everyone was bustling about the World Cup match, so I snuck the chance to get a quick clip.

Please pray for this church. I can't remember feeling such a sweet presence whilst worshiping in a long time…the band was wonderful, most of the service was in English (we even sang old school Vineyard songs I hadn't heard in YEARS!), and I am so blessed to be a part of this gathering while I am in Kathmandu. Amrita told me while we were walking to the church that they (the young adults of that group) really take the great commission seriously: they have made it their mission to reach their communities by spreading the gospel and praying for God's redemption in their communities. Her passion was moving, and her faith is something we can all learn from. She told me how God has taken her from being someone who didn't like kids at all to a person who has a heart to teach…and to see her interacting with the children, you'd NEVER know…she's outgoing and wonderfully connected. She told me they are believing for change in their community and through their school ministry, and if I had to place a bet on any group making this happen, it'd be on them 🙂


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