The Girls in Butwal

I am still trying to process my experience in Butwal with the girls in the transit center, so forgive me for not providing more information. I was not allowed to take photos, so I can’t show you the faces of the girls I have officially fallen in love with. However, I can tell you that I am beginning to realize how many of the little pieces of my broken heart fit back together. I journaled about my time there, so I don’t really want to retype it all, but perhaps I’ll verbally process in another video blog. Suffice to say, our time with the girls in the transit center was one of the sweetest I can remember. With such horrific stories (the girls, aged 4-20) are taken to that center if they are rescued in the process of being trafficked or if they have been sexually abused), one would expect the girls to be shy, afraid, sad, heavy; yet, there was more life, love, and joy in that place than I can explain.

At some point, I will post a few of their stories individually, along with a recap of our time together and my full feelings. Tonight, I’ve reached my blogging capacity and still have some praying to do. Suren was allowed to take a few photos/videos of us with the girls, so once I obtain those, I’ll post them. But for now, I’ll leave you with a funny story:

The girls LOVE to dance! They took us on the roof and began to take turns teaching us Nepali dances. Once the heat became unbearable, we relocated to the small tv in one of their rooms where they turned on music video channels and continued the dance-off. They were so excited because as each video came on, they made Alyssa, Charity, and I get up and dance as well… they said Charity looked like Taylor Swift, Alyssa was both “very Nepali-looking” and a Miley Cirus look-alike, and I… well, they said I looked like Shakira. How the heck they made that connection, I’ll never know. But, unfortunately for me, her song, “It’s Time for Africa” is literally on repeat on all the music stations right now due to the World Cup, so EVERY TIME it came on, they made me get up there and do her dance… for those of you who know me, you KNOW these hips don’t lie – what you see (and laugh at), is what you get… aka I can’t shake it to save my life. So, watch this music video, and imagine me attempting the dance moves… yes, I gave each tribal and ghetto move my all (all 5 times it came on while we were there), and yes, it was hilarious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRpeEdMmmQ0


One thought on “The Girls in Butwal

  1. Amazing – the wider and deeper the pain, the more love it takes to fill the hole. God is so beautiful like that. I can almost feel that overwhelmed with love feeling you must have – what a privilege.

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