The Bus to Butwal

God was definitely showing off when He created Nepal… as we rode along in our crowded bus away from Kathmandu and into the hills, I was filled with wonder. Each turn revealed beauty unlike I had ever seen… I tried to capture it with the flip to bring you all along for the ride, but the bus was shaky, so it’s not even close. However, take a looksie anyhow; this is a compilation of a few clips I took along the way. Look closely and see the tiny pockets of people along the way – the women working in the rice paddies, the children washing clothes by the river, the little snapshots of life in shop windows. I didn’t capture any of them, but the waterfalls were a sweet little reminder that my Daddy knows just how to make my heart sing…mountains and waterfalls all the way to Butwal. Charity and Alyssa snapped away with their point and shoots, so I’ll try to steal some of those shots soon, and I did take a couple shots at the rest stop: http://s884.photobucket.com/albums/ac43/beauty4shes/Nepal 2010/Bus to Butwal/?albumview=slideshow. But for now, enjoy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2gAWdyQrlA


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