1st Ever Bhitri Sundarta Meeting

Last Sunday, we held the first ever Bhitri Sundarta Meeting! Bhitri Sundarta (or Inner Beauty) is the girls’ empowerment club that Charity, Alyssa, and I are developing over the next few weeks. We have only written a portion of the curriculum, but there are churches in both Nepal and India who are eager to see what we can come up with, so we’re already piloting it in a church, El Bethel, here in Kathmandu. As unprepared as we thought we were, God really showed us grace and worked anyway!

For the first meeting, we really just wanted to introduce the girls to the idea of the club, get them comfortable with us and each other, and to have FUN! We gave them a brief introduction to the club and what we hope to accomplish, wrote a creed, made a club banner, played games, had them fill out self-esteem eval forms, prayed for the club, and ended with snack time. The girls are still a little bewildered, I think, since the concept of girls’ empowerment is so foreign, but I know that God has so much in store. And the coolest part was that many of the girls, according to Amrita (one of the teachers), are from Hindu families. The club is being held in the church, yes, but we’ve written it to be usable regardless of religion (a separate, corresponding Bible study component will be developed later). They have faith, as do we, though, that as the girls come and see the true heart of God, they will share it with their families.

I was fortunate enough, seeing as it was the first meeting, be to allowed to have my camera and flip… so guess what? You all get to share in the experience!! The >>first video<> is an overview of girls working on the banner and the group playing the scarf game. The second video<< is a sweet moment with the girls while we sing and dance during the game. Finally, I have some photos posted from the meeting. Seeing as I was one of the leaders and really wanted to be in the moment, I didn't take much; just enough to give everyone a glimpse of what could possibly turn into a culture-altering program. Enjoy, and thank you all for your support.. this meeting would not have been the same without you all!!


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