Dragon Tamer

The past two nights, we’ve had lizards (tiny ones) on our walls waiting for us when we got home. Alyssa, terrified, can’t sleep unless they are gone, so I’ve been set on the task of capture and release. The first night, we had to enlist the services of the tall Norwegian man across the hall since I couldn’t reach the lil guy on the ceiling. Tonight, however, I had to heard the thing off the wall onto the ground with a blanket, then scoot it out the door. Therefore, in the spirit of women’s empowerment, I now prefer my title to be “dragon tamer” lol 🙂


One thought on “Dragon Tamer

  1. dad says:

    I prefer dragon LAMER…crush their tiny existence! um…sorry, not a fan of dragons, big or small…children’s song “great big GOD…little bitty devil” (followed by a stomp to symbolize crushing satan’s head!)…STOMP AWAY!

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