Bhitri Sundarta

We have officially entitled our girls’ empowerment curriculum “Bhitri Sundarta” which is Nepali for “Inner Beauty”! We wanted to name it “Wonderfully Made”, but it didn’t translate well lol. We almost have 6 lessons written, and I am working on finding complementary games, arts, and activities for the meetings. They are already trying to get Charity, Alyssa, and I to pilot it in a church on SUNDAY!! But, we don’t think it’s quite ready. We shall see. It’s all happening so fast! God must really be anxious for it to hit the community, and, after the way I cry over the issue, I am almost positive He is. His heart is so broken for His beloved here that He’s sent three unprepared kids to Nepal for a summer to hurry up and write a curriculum that already has a network of people waiting for it to hit their hands for distribution in Nepal and India.. Wow. Please pray for us! Pray for wisdom, creativity, relevance, favor, and discernment as we rifle through pages upon pages of how everyone else has done it vs how God wants it done.


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