Kumari Rain

It’s monsoon season here in Nepal, yet we’ve hardly seen any rain. We were just talking about it yesterday, actually…it’s been fairly dry. Then, after sitting in horrendous traffic (we were over an hour late to ministry yesterday due to literally being in non-moving traffic), we realized that it was due to the Hindu rain festival where they hoist the Kumari up on a tall white tower to pray for rain. The kumari is the “virgin goddess”, a girl chosen from the people who reigns as goddess until her first menstruation (which is a sign, to them, that the goddess has left her body and she is now impure) when she is dumped back off into the real world as a nobody. Horrible! You can read more about her here: http://www.shvoong.com/social-sciences/1630066-kumari-living-goddess-nepal/ Unfortunately, we didn’t get anywhere near the festival or I would have LOVED to catch it on film; but alas, like everything else so far, I’ve left it unphotographed.

Anyhow, we woke up today to pouring rain! It’s been like this for hours now… the enemy is hard at work turning staffs into snakes and retaining his hold on these people. It’s like he’s challenging us… but, luckily for us, we actually benefit a little from it cooling off around here lol So, what he means for evil, God can use for good…even in the small details.


One thought on “Kumari Rain

  1. Reese McKinley says:

    Hey Linz: Don’t forget to use personal and private worship to push back what you feel the enemy bombarding you with. It will change the atmosphere for you. You’re doing good. I’m so proud of you.

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