Electricity and Water

We just got power and water back after a few hours without it. Last night, the power went out right as we stood up to leave the restaurant we ate dinner in; bummer for the other patrons! We didn’t have it when we got back to our room, it decided to work sometime in the night, then we woke up without it. Needless to say, showers and getting ready are sketch…you have to take ’em when you can because there is no guarantee you’ll have water or electricity when you feel it would be more convenient. Oh, the luxuries we take for granted 😉

For now, I am off to eat before heading to a ministry with street kids for which Alyssa and I will be having to come up with a last-minute English lesson. There is much much much to report already, so I will try to catch up tonight. We have a substantial amount of research to do, though, so time and energy are already an issue. I’ll explain more later 🙂 Be blessed!


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