One Week To Go

One week from today, I will be on a plane to Nepal. After waiting for so long, I am hardly able to let the gravity of that statement sink in. I’m getting excited, yes, but I don’t feel like I am actually going…it’s surreal 😉

However, I know it’s happening and I know it’s going to be one heck of a life-changing experience (not only for myself) – This has only been confirmed today by all the things happening around me. Whenever I move into a season of breakthrough, recovery, or explosive, miraculous God-movingness, I can almost count the minutes until my phone rings and someone calls with infuriating news…USUALLY having to do with my family because Satan knows that is the BEST way to cut to my core and throw me off track. So, when I got the call today, I should have not even let it alter my day at all, but it did. Then, there was an EARTHQUAKE, which people normally take to be a bad sign. Great omens, right?

Luckily, God has worked so massively in me and given me great people to confide in and seek safe, objective counsel, that this was not as devastating as it could have been. In fact, He used these people to bring revelation that I have been standing just beyond for awhile and needed a jolt back in the right direction. He brought me peace, confirmation, and direction in a matter of hours. Then, the earthquake, though scary, made me realize what a powerful Daddy I have and that He carries the weight of our rage and heartbreak and feels it as tangibly as we do. He will bring protection just as sure are He’ll bring justice.

The quake also reminded me of the song “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?” and I immediately felt so much better.. “dancers who DANCE upon injustice…” He calls us to dance, not rage. He will fight for us, and justice is His (so He says 😉 ), and all we have to do is run to Him and…well, dance! 🙂 I’d rather dance it out than let this anger and frustration eat me from within….though, I have to say: I probably look like this guy when I try to dance. And, funny.. listen to the lyrics, “I feel this anger is heaven-sent…” lol Fabulous.

Once joy found its way back into my heart, I actually realized how amazing today was for my family! I had a great convo with my mom that was so positive and uplifting, and my heart was lifted because she had called on her family of believers to pray over an issue, and, not even an hour later, God answered! Then, I finally got to talk to my sister who I’ve not been able to connect with in awhile, and she seemed lighter. She told me about a lady in deliverance ministry who really helped bring breakthrough, and I’m so happy for her! She was even able to bring me some peace and encouragement about Nepal (since she was there last summer), is sending me some much-needed clothing, and I finally had no upset at all that she had gotten to go before I did. God’s hand is all OVER my family, and I’m becoming more comfortable leaving them there while I’m gone. I also sense major breakthrough coming, and I can’t wait.

So yeah, do what you will, enemy…I leave in a week, but nice try 🙂 Thank you, actually.. had today not happened, I’d still be waiting for the revelation that came from time spent in your dark cloud.


One thought on “One Week To Go

  1. Johnny says:

    That’s so awesome! ^_^X I know God has placed this at the core of your being, and you haven’t wavered since I’ve known you. I’ll pray that your light shines bright and many many hearts are touched by God’s love!!!

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