My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

I happen to love Utmost, and this morning is the perfect example as to why (and it got even better as I went to the website and saw what today’s message is!).

Today is going to be a big day… work, life changing decisions, a photo shoot, and the homecoming of a friend I really miss. I knew I needed to start it out seeing what God had to say about it 😉 So, I grabbed my Utmost book and it fell open to July 6th. For those of you who are unaware, My Utmost For His Highest is a daily devotional that was changed not only my life, but the lives of millions: it is ALWAYS exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it, even if it’s the wrong “day”.

Like today 🙂 The title for July 6th was “Visions Become Reality”, and I had to read it. It was EXACTLY my journey over the last year and a half for Nepal, and I instantly felt calm and ready to face the day!! I got the vision in Jan ’09, but He’s DEFINITELY taken me through a valley since to shape and prepare me. The meeting I have today that is a huge decision in my life is actually, I believe, God’s way of bringing justice for one of the hardships in the valley (I’ll explain later). Anyhow, it’s been a whole year and a half of hills and valleys and of me trying to hurry, and I am finally getting to move on the vision He’s given. Last week in Redding, one speaker actually spoke about getting frustrated because God gives us a glimpse of what’s to come, we run after the goal, and He lags behind because it’s not His time yet. This is me: always getting excited and running out, guns blazing (I guess it’s the Scotch-Irish roots, eh?), then realizing I’ve left God about 10 miles back. I’m so excited to be moving WITH Him finally.

Then, just now as I googled the website to link for you guys, I read today’s Utmost… HAHA It totally speaks to me, too…especially in this moment of knowing He’s going to provide the rest of my Nepal budget but being nervous anyhow 😉 I am retarded, I think, though; He’s ALWAYS provided miraculously and never let me down, so why am I worrying? I am, however, doing MUCH better than times past.. I’m slowly, SLOWLY, learning. 🙂

God is so good.. He’s constantly speaking to us; we just have to take the time to stop and listen (or open a book).


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