Pure Scum – READ IT!

When I got back down to Oakland on Sunday night, I had a package waiting for me from Mike, the pastor of Scum of the Earth Church in Denver. Yes, you heard me: SCUM and CHURCH. Curious? Check them out: http://www.scumoftheearth.net.

My story as a Scumball began a year ago last week – God moved me from Indiana to Cali with a brake-less car and empty pockets. I was sure I was supposed to go, I just did not know how I’d make it. If I hadn’t stumbled upon Scum on my way through, who knows what might have happened. Beside that, much healing was to be had as, one by one, the members of the church rebuilt my ideas of faith, fellowship, and church. They call themselves “the church for the right-brained and left-out”, and I am continually blessed by my relationship with them.

Snap back to the package…to my excitement, Mike sent me a copy of his book Pure Scum. I’m ashamed to admit it, especially having been a creative writing major, but I haven’t read more than maybe 5 books from cover to cover in about 4 years. The stress of massive reading assignments for classes is a strong deterrent in that department. That being said, I read the first three chapters of the book on the spot and the rest almost straight through sitting on the train yesterday. It is amazing how God places people in our lives whose testimonies make our hearts snap to life right at the time we need it most! In the book, Mike shares his walk of risk and faith, and it totally confirmed in my own life that I’m on the right track…that God calls us sometimes to walk a scary path that many may not understand, and that “church” is so much more than the religion, walls, and legalism it has become.

Scarred by churches in the past, I was hesitant to get involved with one again. This church, after only 12 hours of hanging out with freaks, geeks, goths, punks, young, old, artists, musicians, “normal” folk, and homeless folk, totally revolutionized my idea of what church really looks like and how it was meant to be. If you need a healing breath of fresh air in the church department, this book is for you. If you’re at a shaky time in your life and are left wondering, “Is that REALLY You, God?”, this book is for you. If you’re just looking for a great read that is as creative as it is revelatory, you won’t be disappointed, either 😉 Please check out Pure Scum by Mike Sares!


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