Waterfalls Pt. 2

So cool! Forgive my horrible grammar, but I’m just so excited I can hardly type fast enough. God totally moved. He gave me waterproof hikers to borrow, offered by one of the girls I’m staying with, which came in handy. And, I kid you not, it was pouring rain the entire way there and every time I was in my car, but the moment I stepped out, sun. Not one rain drop hit my head all day. Was crazy, like being back in Scotland with the weather changing quickly there. I thought, oh man, bring extra clothes so I don’t have to drive home in wet clothes; but then forgot to bring them, and never even got spritzed! And I got out quite a few times randomly to take roadside pics, and even hike the whole waterfall loop, and nothing. And just as expected, it’s hot and sunny today.. not a cloud. I posted pics of the journey here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2182001&id=33600702&l=0375b4cf3a

Awesome about the waterfall loop, too, because they told me it was closed at a certain point and I’d have to back step. Um, I never found the point at which it was closed, and just kept walking…and at each point along the way, God had something to say to me and it was amazing. When I thought about it this morning, it hit me…after the hike, I went to the conference, and they had us stand and pray that the impossible would be possible. Well, I started praying for unlimited access to closed places, thinking about Nepal and all the political stuff going on, and I felt a grace descend. But then, this morning, God said, “See? The closed trails were open…you never even hit a blockade because there is nowhere you cannot go. Nothing is closed to you – not even the throne room or storehouses or all the earth…I am with you to the ends of the earth.” Bam, flattened. And I should have put it together last night when a guy named Daniel came up to me and said that God was calling me up finally and I had access to the throne room and to be prepared for one-on-one encounters with Him, etc. Long story, but very cool, ask me sometime.

But anyhow.. Wow.. I’m sorry to make those of you who think I’m crazy uncomfortable, but God also told me that now is the time to SPEAK, so I am. I figure if we can be comfortable with or even believe in magic and vampires and such, then why can’t I believe in an all-powerful, loving God who is just so excited to speak to us and through us? If I’m wrong, I’m happier believing this than that I have no purpose, no future, that everything that happens is coincidence, and that there is nothing greater in this world than the struggles of today. I wouldn’t even want to be Harry Potter, because the God I believe in is bigger than all that even! šŸ™‚


One thought on “Waterfalls Pt. 2

  1. Lyndsey,
    first of all, how very cool that you were in the same place I grew up going every year. I visualized the whole trail you walked. I know it by heart. There are such sweet sweet memories for me.
    When I saw the sign of the little store it melted my heart. Every afternoon I would walk down to the store and I would buy an ice cream. I grew up in a home like Ozzie and Harriet, my mom and dad were madly in love, and I loved my father like I can’t even tell you. He was the kindest most loving man I’ve ever known. He died 5 years ago to alzheimers, they were married 50 years almost to the date.
    And growing up camping was something I loved, but I dont’ think I really appreciated the magnitude of that gift until the last 10 years or so. To have such quality, indepth, on on one experience with my family for 2 weeks. No cell phones, no tv, no bathrooms outhouse, no stoves, only camp stoves…to me now….that feels like paradise. And to feel safe to walk the parrks, explore, and best of all to lay out in the sun. Im wondering if you got to the lake? there is a realy pretty lake there as well. And I spent hours working on my CA tan which of course I am now paying for ,,,but whatever, lol.
    I was honored that you would even think about me in a small way the other night when you were at church. As I read your profile it completely resonated with me BOLDLY and LOUDLY. I too am that woman, the woman that I think raised another WOMAN like Vanessa, who are crying out loudly and saying I want to be a woman of real worth. I want to go deep, I want my life to mean something, and I WANT to leave a footprint. I want to change the world, even it means with something that no one will ever take notice, but that I have.
    I am so committed!!!! to loving people through my actions, and to changing the world through loving like God loves, or at least trying anyway, of course I can’t come close.
    I had too many years of bad church experiences. And to this day I try , but I just can’t do church. And it saddens me, becaue I miss the worship and I miss the communion. And it’s not all the church fault, I have years of believing in the pastor (Ken) and being dissapointed time and time again, and so there’s hurt there as well.
    But, my point is that I LOVE GOD. plain and simple. And through my accident this past year (fell 10′ and broke leg in 3 places, and it’s beeen horrific, been down for 8 months, just started walking I). But through this whole experience, in some odd way, I’ve been soo mad at God at first, because everything seems to go wrong at times in my life. But the truth is, I have risen and I do mean RISEN to the fact that GOD IS FULL OF MYSTERY AND WONDER. plain and simple. And when you love him with your full heart it’s like, hang on for the ride. He’s so powerful. I was thinking about the waterfall, and the power behind that waterfall, and the absolute wonder that is in each raindrop, and how we can’t fathom , even begin to fathom all that God has for us. And I so love what you said about “I’d rather believe in a God and be wrong”.or something like that.
    My work with women is the most tangible, untangible thing I have ever done. I truly believe I ‘ve been called to encourage women, to love them, to help them discover their talents their gifts and how God made them. I am so honored to be part of their lives and to walk life with them. In whatever way I can, I encourage woman. That’s my calling. And it feels so good to know your calilng.
    Have you checked out my website.
    I’ve had a rough year, and I’ve not worked much. I’m having to go back to work part time while my coaching builds up again.
    You’ll love this,,,I just got a job for Studio Gear make up, as a free lance make up artist..I’ll be in Ulta Stores.
    Funny, that I really have struggled iwth women spending so much time on the outside and feeling like the whole industry is messed up…And I have htought of you often through the years on this one, because you are in the modeling industry (forgive the length of this post)..
    but I realized since my accident that feeling good about ourselves in all areas is important. I can’t completely change society right now, but I can change one woman at a time. And actually make up makes us feel pretty, and it’s not just America. I think of the tribes in Africa, and women in India that decorate themselves with jewels, and etc…I think of Cleopatra, and women in the Bible, we all love makeup, we love jewels, we love to feel pretty. And I want women to feel pretty on the inside and the outside. And It was so cool that I got this job right now, beause there are hardly any jobs in FL, and I got it , within an hour of her receiving my resume. I mean , seriously, starting at $15/hr, up to $25,,I mean , that is God. I can’t stand hardly but God will have to help out with that inthe next few weeks when I start I relly will be o.k.,
    So, my mission is to love women, encourage women and help women feel good about themselves. INteresting huh? That I coach women on their insides, and out,,,but I also now help them with makeup on the outside. I soooo believe that I have a gift to make a woman feel good, no wonder what size, race, color, or background. That’s my life’s work.
    all that because you went to Burney Falls. Obviously I am a writer as well, And to be honest, all I dream about day and night is finally writing the book that I KNOW!!!! GOD has in me. Have known for 10 years. I’ve had too much of an interesting and unbelievable life to not finally get it out there.
    Like I just know it’s time.
    You remind me so much of vanessa, and of course that’s a huge compliment, creative, thoughtful, edgy, gifted, beautiful and so down to earth.
    I follow our world. And I”m supporting you. One prayer, one step and one photo at a time,,you will change the world.
    Much love,

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