I’ve been up here in Redding since Sunday, and I have wanted nothing more than to head for the mountains off in the distance in search of waterfalls and pathways. I was excited to see my intern schedule left Tuesday and Thursday completely free, and I planned to go exploring. Problem is, when I awoke Tuesday, it was raining. I was super bummed, but I knew I still had today, and I actually ended up having a great day full of unexpected occurrences Tues because I stuck around the church. Then it was sunny yesterday, so I thought it had passed.

But today, I awoke to the sound of rain on the roof and felt a new chill in the air. I was really upset. As I was kinda complaining to God about it, it hit me… what is it that I’m seeking? Waterfalls. What makes waterfalls more thunderous, more magnificent? Rain. God winked at me and said, “I knew you’d get it eventually…”

I’m heading out now, rain gear on, with a heart full of wonder, joy, excitement, and praise. 🙂


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