Funny Coincidence

Funny thing happened yesterday while Lindsay and I were hoofin’ it around San Diego distributing postcards for my photography project… these guys with clipboards came up to us, trying to convince us to sign up to sponsor anti-animal cruelty. I actually kinda got upset because they kept insisting that we give money even after we told them we each were trying to raise money, ourselves, for HIV/AIDS in Africa (Lindsay) and human trafficking in Nepal (me).. I completely COMPLETELY respect that everyone has a different, just as noble, cause they care about/support, but I feel like a human life is a little more important that a dog’s.. and please don’t take offense because those of you who know me KNOW how much I loved/invested in my Niko.. but in that moment, I literally felt a wave of angry heat come over me, pulse quicken, etc.
AAaaannnyyyhow.. that’s not the point. The funny thing was that once these guys gave up on their pitch, they started introducing themselves to us.. the guy who did most of the talking was named Ryan Ricker.. the same name of the missionary who came to my church when I was a tiny girl (kindergarten I think) and gave the talk to my class that left me walking out and proclaiming, “Mommy, Daddy.. I’m going to NEPAL!” Imagine it.. I’d never heard of the country Nepal in my life at a 6 or 7 year old, saw it on a map during Ryan’s YWAM pitch about the 10/40 window or whatever, and came out saying I knew I was called to Nepal. Flash forward to about a year ago, I’d forgotten Nepal even existed and thought I was going to India..
So, as a little girl, a missions speech by Ryan Ricker highlighted Nepal in my brain and planted the missionary seed; then, on that street corner yesterday, God allowed me to feel His holy, righteous anger toward the treatment of His children when a man named Ryan Ricker cared more about dogs. Yet another of those little signs God runs me into daily to constantly confirm I’m runnin on the right course.


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