Update from GFCN

Here is the most recent message from GFCN that explains what is going on over there right now.  In a few short months, my letters home will sound something like this!

“Dear Friends,

I just returned from Nepal last week where I visited one of our transit shelters just a few miles from the Nepal/India border. I sat with 13 young girls who have all been rescued from being trafficked or systematically abused. Two sisters, 7 and 9, were caught crossing the border in a rickshaw along with their mother and an agent… one girl, 13, had been lured by a ‘boyfriend’ and came moments away from being handed over to traffickers on the India side. Another girl, now 15, had been living on her own in various parts of Nepal since she was 5 years old… taken from place to place, forced to work, beaten so badly that she was left in a dumpster for dead, and finally left on the streets to beg and sell her body. We rescued her just 4 months ago, and now she is safe, healthy, vibrant and able to share her story.

The stories of what these girls have been through are almost too difficult to comprehend yet to sit with them and see their smiling faces is a joy and a blessing. Despite the hardships and abuse they have experienced, they are full of life, laughter, and love. What a miracle. We are so blessed to partner with men and women who have a heart to care for these girls and restore them to families.

We also attended two awareness campaigns where almost 200 Nepali’s, boys, girls, men, and women, came to learn about child sexual abuse and trafficking. Located in high-risk areas, these campaigns serve as incredible opportunities to teach about trafficking and give abused girls a voice.

Since January, we have started another education program for a group of Ragpicker children in Vikas Nagar, Delhi. These displaced communities are scattered across the city, characterized by tent-like housing and a lack of basic necessities. We are excited that between 25-35 children attend this daily program where they receive a meal, basic education, and periodic medical care.

Just a few days ago, Monique, Juliana, and Mike returned from the city of Delhi after serving their first internships with Global Family. Over the course of the last few months, they were able to engage first-hand in our projects by teaching crafts, giving music lessons, tutoring, media development, and helping out with administrative tasks in the Delhi center. Their presence and involvement provides so much encouragement… we look forward to working alongside them in the future and welcoming new volunteers.

Thank you so much for your support!
Clark, Jennifer, Charity & Court Jensen


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