So What the Heck am I Doing in Nepal?!

I hope to be involved in the rescue and family care aspects of the Daughter Project, but if not, I will be working with several organizations on the ground in Kathmandu as I am needed.  During my 6 weeks as an intern under the cofounders of Global Family, my goal would be to help develop a program/curriculum that will rehabilitate the girls in the rescue/refuge centers from the time of rescue until they are comfortably functioning in their adoptive families and communities. Global Family recently acquired a building in downtown Kathmandu to begin a program for street women and prostitutes, so I will be involved with that project as well. I plan to implement a mixture of therapeutic methods, ranging from theophostic counseling, art therapy, and other more traditional forms to the simple, genuine love that so many of those little girls may have never experienced in their lives. Having been sexually abused, myself, I not only understand the hurt and suffering of these young ones, but also know the miraculous healing power that the love of Jesus has in someone’s life. I am privileged to be able to reach out and show compassion to the innocent women and children who are now labeled disgraced and rejected by their culture’s standards and to be the carrier of God’s message of hope and future for each of their lives no matter what they have been made to believe.

So I Go For the Summer…Then What?

After my internship year with GFCN, I plan to continue helping the hurting children of the world. If the opportunity arises, I may make a permanent move to Nepal to be a full time member of Global Family after graduating from Point Loma. I have also recently begun developing a program that will enable American students to support and interact with other students around the globe in a classroom capacity. In the next few months, I will have more of an idea whether that appears to be a long-term project or wishful thinking. Unfortunately, there will be abused children in need of rescue no matter where I land. Therefore, if employment with GFCN is not an option, I will bring the program I help to develop abroad to the United States and resume work here, finishing grad school in the process. God knows!

What Am I Waiting For?

Although I am qualified and approved to go to work now, I am still walking out the preparatory process until the end of the semester. My goal is to leave around June 21 and return August 5th.  God has just thrown open the doors for me to be able to go, and I’m still reeling.. here I thought I had to raise an exorbitant amount of money to go, but because of fundraising efforts last year, I already have almost everything I need except my plane ticket!  How AWESOME is that?!  Yes, I have financial need, but thanks to some unaccounted for student loan money, I will be able to buy my plane ticket up front as of next week instead of having to wait until funding comes.  If the $1900 never comes, then I guess I’m paying it off for awhile 🙂  However, I have faith that God has a plan to help me… He’s blessed me immensely in the past, why would He stop now?  If you or someone you know would like to get involved financially in rescuing the victims of human trafficking, please consider contributing toward my flight (tax deductible, always helps, right?).  You can do so by sending contributions to me directly (17769 St. Andrews Drive, San Diego, CA 92064) or to:

1445 North Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802
**Make sure Lindsey Addie #384177-2 appears somewhere with your donation if you choose this method.**

For those who may be interested in supporting a child in the rescue centers or sending a child to school, more info can be found on the website: http://www.myglobalfamily.org
*100% of donated funds go DIRECTLY to the child, period. No administrative or handling fees are deducted, ever.*

I will post again when I have purchased my ticket.. so excited!!


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