The Daughter Project

The Daughter Project is underway in Nepal. This is a project to prevent the trafficking and abuse of Nepali girls aged 2-14 years (yes, even girls as young as 2 are being used in the trade). Every year, it is reported that between 5000 and 7000 girls are trafficked from Nepal into Indian brothels. This project addresses the issue of human trafficking at its source. The following four components give hope to girls and their families before it’s too late:

1. Awareness – Nine outreach teams that target at risk communities work along the border of Nepal and India to inform families about the dangers of child trafficking. This is done with the help of Daughter Tool Kits including CDs, flip charts, and ‘hotline’ cards in 9 different districts.

2. Rescue – In cooperation with local authorities, these outreach teams will rescue girls being trafficked. Reconciliation with family is the desired outcome; however, this is not always an option. In that case, we care for the girls in rescue/refuge centers while we find safe families who will take them in.

3. Family Care – Global Family has made a commitment to the long term care of up to 100 girls who are unable to return to their own families through the course of this campaign.

4. Business Training & Micro-Finance – The aim is to increase a family’s monthly income by $8 which will enable them to keep their daughter(s) at home.
In 2009, we:
-brought awareness to hundreds of families
-hoped to rescue over 300 girls
-placed 100 girls into our family care program and, for the first time for many, schools
-helped many families increase their monthly income through small business initiatives

For more information on Global Family Care Network, please visit: http://www.myglobalfamily.org.


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